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Children work with our qualified, experienced Early Year’s Teacher and our Early Years Educators during this phase in our nursery.

We build upon their earlier learning and experiences and what each child can do in order to promote self confidence, self discipline and a love of learning. We encourage children to become decision makers and problem solvers who:

  •  Can plan, initiate and reflect on work chosen by themselves.
  •  Work effectively individually, with other   children and with adults.
  •  Develop skills and traits which enable them to become successful pupils in later educational experiences.

Children work individually, in pairs and in small and large groups on projects that they have planned themselves and those that have been  introduced following observations of children’s interests and schemas.

We are registered with Cheshire East to provide Free Early Years Education (FEEE) for two, three and four year old children.

In our Foundation 4 room children have three rooms that hold a variety of opportunities and a wide range of experiences. These rooms are divided into areas to allow for varied ages and abilities, including a home area, writing area, puzzles and games area and a block area. Your child can have a sleep if required. Sand and water play are also provided, indoors and outdoors. There is a bathroom area with child size amenities.  Our Foundation 4 conservatory has direct access to their garden.

Children are active learners who learn best through physical and mental challenges. Active learning involves other people, objects, ideas and events that engage and involve the children for sustained periods. At Lilliput Farm Day Nursery your child will have the opportunity to play with ideas in different situations with a variety of resources, to enable him/her to discover connections and come to new and better ways of doing things. The support of our staff in this process enhances their ability to think critically and ask questions. Activities are planned to ensure we offer your child a wide variety of opportunities to help him/her develop and learn.  It is very important to us that your child enjoys their time with us.

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