Your Childs Journey
Your Childs Journey
Your Childs Journey

Your Childs Journey at Lilliput Farm

At Lilliput Farm Day Nursery we believe that you as parents are your child’s first and most enduring educators. It is our aim to work together with you to ensure that we are having a positive impact on their child’s development and learning.

You are welcome to join Lilliput at any time to start your child’s journey.

All children have their own key worker.

At Lilliput Farm Day Nursery we believe that babies and young children are individuals, each with a unique profile of abilities developing in their own individual way at varying rates. Schedules and routines flow with your child’s needs. All planning starts with observing children in order to understand and consider their current individual interests, development and learning. Every area of development – physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional – is equally important.

Lilliput Farm Day Nursery offers your child a rich and varied environment, which supports learning and development. It gives children confidence to explore and learn in secure and safe, yet challenging indoor and outdoor spaces.  

Your child’s learning and development is supported through planned experiences and activities which are challenging but achievable and linked to the children’s interests.

When it is time for your child to move to their next room we look at every baby and child as an individual and discuss with you the optimum time to begin this transition. We look at safety, stage of development, and we also consider their peer groups. Most children move from F1 to F2 when they are stable walking, F2 to F3 when they are 2 years old and F3 to F4 when they are 3 years old.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; Birth to 11 Months

During this period, your child’s physical development is very rapid and they gain increasing control of their muscles. They also develop skills in moving their hands, feet, limbs and head, quickly becoming mobile and able to handle and manipulate objects. They are learning from the moment of birth. Even before their first words they find out a lot about language by hearing people talking, and are especially interested when it involves themselves and their daily lives. Our sensitive care, which responds to children’s growing understanding and emotional needs, helps to build secure attachments to people such as parents, family members or carers. Our regular, though flexible, routines help young children gain a sense of order in the world and to anticipate events. At Lilliput a wide variety of experiences, which involve all senses, encourages learning and an interest in the environment.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; 8 to 20 Months

As your child becomes mobile new opportunities for exploration and exercise open up. Lilliput offers a safe and interesting environment, with age-appropriate resources, helps children to develop curiosity, coordination and physical abilities. Lilliput helps your child to start to learn the beginnings of self-control and how to relate to other people. We encourage them to develop their social and mental skills, building on their communication skills, your child begins to develop a sense of self and is more able to express their needs and feelings. Alongside non-verbal communication we help your child to learn a few simple words for everyday things and people. With this encouragement and plenty of interaction, your child’s communication skills grow and their vocabulary expands very rapidly during this period.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; 16 to 26 Months

Your child’s fine motor skills continue to develop and they enjoy making marks, using a variety of materials, looking at picture books and listening to stories, important steps in literacy. Self-help and independence soon emerge with our support and encouragement for your child in areas such as eating, dressing and toileting. Praise for new achievements helps to build their self-esteem. In this phase, children’s language is developing rapidly and many are beginning to put sentences together. Joining in conversations with children is an important way for children to learn new things and to begin to think about past, present and future. Developing physical skills means that children can now usually walk, climb and run, and join in active play with other children. At Lilliput this is an important time for learning about dangers and safe limits.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; 22 to 36 Months

Children in this phase are usually full of energy we give careful support to use it well. Our exceptional outdoor areas give opportunity for growing physical strengths and skills in active times for exercise, and our homely areas for quiet times for calmer activities. Playing with other children is an important new area for learning. Lilliput helps children to begin to understand other people’s thoughts and feelings, and to learn how to cooperate with others. Exploration and simple self-help skills build a sense of self-confidence. Your child learns about boundaries and how to handle frustration. At Lilliput playing with toys that come apart and fit together encourages problem solving and simple planning. Our pretend play helps your child to learn about a range of possibilities. Our Early Years Educators are an important source of security and comfort.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; 30 to 50 Months

Your child’s increased interest in joint play such as make-believe, construction and games helps them to learn the important social skills of sharing and cooperating. Close, warm relationships with our carers form the basis for much learning. At Lilliput your child is encouraged to make healthy choices in food and exercise. At this stage your child is becoming more aware of their place in a community. Literacy and numeracy can develop rapidly with the support of a wide range of interesting materials and activities. Your child’s language is now much more complex, as they become adept at using longer sentences. Conversations with parents and carers become a more important source of information, guidance and reassurance.

Your Child’s journey at Lilliput; 40 to 60 Months +

During this period your child is now building a stronger sense of their own identity and their own place in a wider world. They are learning to and recognise the importance of social rules and customs, to show understanding and tolerance of others, and to learn how to be more controlled in their own behaviour. Learning and playing in small groups at Lilliput helps to foster the development of social skills. They now become more able to plan and undertake more challenging activities with a wider range of materials for making and doing. In this phase your child learns effectively in shared activities with peers and adults. Literacy, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy skills continue to develop. Your child’s developing understanding of cause and effect is encouraged at Lilliput by the introduction of a wider variety of equipment, media and technologies.

As a qualified Teacher, Pat, spends most of her time every day working with the children to give them the best foundation to achieving success in school and life. We use phonics to support their learning to read and every opportunity to develop their understanding of numbers, mathematics and a knowledge and understanding of the world.